Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gone Fishing

Hey everyone, Here's a cake I made on the weekend for Poppy B celebrating his 30th birthday. I was asked to create something simple with a fishing theme. So I came up with this! I actually enjoyed making this cake, don't get a lot of opportunities to make cakes for men. Not sure why, men eat cake don't they?? I think they just don't care hehehehe. This is an 8" round, raspberry white chocolate cake, my favourite mmmmmm.

Happy Caking.


Spaceships said...

They care, they just pretend not to :-)

Happy Cakes said...

Amen to that sista hehehehe.

Soo Bakery said...

Great job! i like the design ^_^

Ophelia said...

You did a real good job. Love this cake design.

Jenniffer said...

This cake is SO cute!