Friday, April 15, 2011

If you go into the woods today......

Sitting on my workbench this week just waiting to be transformed was this ordinary boring green cake!Well here it is all finished and looking pretty. Not quite so boring now I think!! I made this cake for Violet who celebrated her 3rd birthday on the weekend with a teddy bears picnic themed party. Mum Megan has gone to so much effort to recreate this child like theme with so many different elements. I'm dying to see the photos. Megans favourite cake of mine is the Frogs Picnic, so I tried to recreate that feel as much as possible. Happy birthday Violet, hope you liked your cake ;-)

Happy Caking.


The Path Traveled said...

Your so good at what you do. I always love to see the art you put into your cakes. Bravo.. hands clapping!!!!

Happy Cakes said...

Oh WOW, what a lovely comment to wake up to ;-) Thank you so much.

Please Do Not Feed The Animals. said...

That cake is just amazing. I love all the beautiful detail.