Sunday, April 13, 2014

Is it just me...

Do you find you lose your way sometimes in the cake decorating world? Or is it just me?? It's like I can't keep up with what's going on. The new crazes, the new products, the new styles and trends and the next big thing. There's a new cake decorator popping up every time I turn my head around. It's an insanely crazy busy world. Maybe it's just me. A cake doesn't seem like it can be any good these days unless it's 6 feet tall, balancing on a 45 degree angle, not to mention internal construction devised by a small engineering team!!

It's like a macaron can't just be a macaron anymore, it has to be in a shape with painted detail. A cake pop isn't just a round ball anymore they're sculpted little masterpieces. Do you sometimes feel like you just can't keep up with the Jones's anymore? I'm struggling at the moment. People want these Ah-mazing cakes for a tiny amount of money and a cake can't just be a cake anymore, it has to be over the top cray cray. I'm a pretty simple girl and I think I like simple things. Don't get me wrong I appreciate all these beautiful masterpieces being created, but are they realistic for all of us. I don't think so. Well not for me anyway.

I've lost my direction lately. Not sure why, but I wonder if it's cause I'm trying to keep up. Am I trying to keep up with the insanely crazy world of cake decorating? Maybe it's cause I'm comparing myself to all these amazing decorators. I've always strived to try new things and push myself, which is why I follow these amazing decorators, but I think maybe my need to become great like them means I have lost who I am as a cake decorator. It's a little overwhelming.

I love making cakes, the joy that they bring people. The look on their face when they see it is my reward for doing what I do. I miss it to be honest. It's been a while. I feel like though my next cake isn't going to be good enough. Which is silly I know, but I feel like the pressure is on!! I mean it's just a cake after all, and there probably won't have been an engineering team behind it. I know the pressure comes from me. Maybe I just answered my own question......I'm the problem hehehehe Pffft forget what I just said, think I just need to get back on the horse (so to speak) and make a cake already LOL.

Would love to hear if anyone else struggles with this. Or is just me!!

Happy caking.

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention the Food Network and others looking for the next biggest thing, and for the next most dramatic presentation.

As for the price...well, now I tell people to think of it as buying a piece of art for your event, not just a food. I'd probably buy flat layer cakes for the masses and a smaller art cake for the head table. But I recognize that the cost reflects all the design and "engineering" time needed to create the piece of art. If I'm honest, and tried to create it myself, it would take so many hours that it is cheaper for me to hire an artist like you rather than taking time off work to create it on my own time.