Thursday, March 13, 2014

Yes yes I know, I'm a slacker...

I know I say this every time when I've been MIA, but this time I promise to write more often. So much has been happening professionally and personally. Our family has relocated from Townsville, QLD to Melbourne!! It's been a huge change for us. Everyone is settling in, except me I suppose. It's kinda hard starting from scratch again. It's only been 8 weeks and I know I should be a little more patient. I lived in Townsville for like forever. I'm sure in 12 months I'll turn around and think and wonder why I spent this time wondering and worrying. The kids are amazing. They love, love their new school and friends and when I occasionally joke (it's not entirely a joke on my part) about going back to Townsville they immediately say NO! For them it's been an amazing new adventure that they are completely embracing. Bless them.

I have no cake pictures to share with you all. It's been months since I've made a cake. I'm kind of scared and wonder if I can even still do it hehehehe. I've made the decision to open Happy Cakes up here in Melbourne. I ummed and ahhed over it for many reasons. The first one was because I don't have a registered kitchen any more and the second one was that I really didn't want to get stuck working from home again. After doing it for so many years, it becomes and became a lonely job to a certain extent. No one to talk to, no one to share my ideas or experiences with. There was no working environment and I was always at home. There are so many pros and cons to working from home and towards the end I didn't have the balance right and it was doing more harm than good.

Anyway, after much discussion and thought I have reopened the business here in Melbourne. I'll be working out of a commercial kitchen so it will be separate from home. It's going to be hard reestablishing the business again. I have to start all over. New contacts, new customers, new networks. It's funny how easy I had it in Townsville with all my lovely customers, suppliers and contacts. Now I'm starting with nothing. So it's going to be hard work. I need to remember to be kind and patient with it and with myself. I'm sure, I will meet some amazing people here and have lovely customers.

I've already been welcomed by the cake community here. They are really lovely. The girls that I've looked up to and admired for so long are right here in my backyard now. It's exciting to finally put faces to them after all these years of speaking with them through facebook. I am looking forward to developing those relationships. It's amazed me how welcoming they have been. It's so lovely.

So there you have it. Just a little snapshot of what's going. Hopefully I'll be creating cakes in no time so I can share pictures with you all of my creations. I am looking forward to getting back on the horse.

Happy caking.


Melissa Semovski said...

Hi there, I enquired about a cake with another cake maker, she couldn't not accommodate with the date and recommended yourself, do you gave an email I can contact you on ?

Leoni Abernethy said...

Hi Melissa, too easy my email address is otherwise my phone number is 0438269878. Hope to hear from you soon. Leoni.