Friday, November 15, 2013

Lately on Instagram...

In the beginning.....the start of some pretty cakes at layering stage.

A random picture of an elderly couple that made my heart smile! So in love and so caring of each other.

The start of a flower cascading cake. I loved making this cake for the beautiful Jenna and Luke. First time I'd ever made one of these. All tiers were uneven height which made for such a dramatic look. 

Ahhh a boy cake. I do love making boys cakes. It's a rare occurrence. I'm not sure why. Boys eat cake don't they?? A WWE cake for one of lovely customers. 

Flashback Friday. This still goes down as one of my most favourite and memorable cakes. I made this back in 2011 for Kelli and Les who's wedding was Dr Seuss themed!! I saw the happily married couple only a couple of weeks ago and their expecting twins!! Girls to. Mmmmm I wonder what themed wedding they might have hehehehe. 

Some pretty little pastel baby shower cakes for one of my previous brides expecting her second child. I feel kind of lucky to remain a part of their lives if only in the form of cake!! PS Congratulations Mark and Allysha on the safe arrival of your beautiful little girl Sienna xx 

One of my clever students made this cake at the Big Cakes 101 course. I love seeing the end results of their work. 

Big Cakes 102 brought a bit of stress to all involved......Square cakes can be a little frustrating, but the end results were amazing. I do love teaching! 

Naked hot vanilla cakes. Sounds kind of sexy when you say it out loud!!! 

Said bye to my gorgeous nephew "Jacobean" who leaves us to start his new adventure in Brisbane :-( I miss you already xx 

It's been such a roller coaster time lately both personally and professionally. Instagram is a way for me to capture both these moments. I love capturing the little things and big things that go on in my life.

Leoni xo

PS You can find me @happylittlecakes

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Coco Cake Land said...

aww! you have been very busy, leoni! that's a lot of cakes! :)