Thursday, July 7, 2011

Angela & Dave's Wedding Cake

Last week a very cute & lovely couple were married, Angela & Dave. I never forget the first time I met them, they walked in & the only thing I could see was this massive oversized scrap book that Angela was holding. In my head I'm thinking "here we go"!! But contrary to "the book", Angela & Dave, will be a couple that I won't forget in a hurry, just beautiful. They new exactly what they wanted, without being over the top about it, so nice. When I saw the venue, I was oh my godding, simply elegant, loved it all. I even got a glimpse of her as she was getting into the car, so pretty. Congratulations Angela & Dave, I hope you had an amazing day & enjoyed that cake. Thank you so much for allowing me to create for you xo

Happy Caking.


Natalie Ryker said...
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Natalie Ryker said...

got to love beautiful cakes!!