Sunday, May 8, 2011

Milla's 1st Birthday.

Hi Everyone!

Time for another social pages update. Here's a cake I made for the ever so cute Milla. I've had the pleasure of making cakes for Milla on a couple of occasions now, so I feel very lucky. The 1st birthday is such a milestone in any child's life, and Marita (mum) has celebrated this moment with such style. I love the table setup that Marita has created. Just lovely. Thank you so much for sharing these delightful photos.

Happy caking.
Just look at how gorgeous Milla is. I love her smile.
The Ingredients!
Venue Site - Home
Date - 12th December 2010
Number of Guests - 45
Photography - Family
Flowers - Flower Market

Styled by/Decorator - Marita


The Path Traveled said...

How sweet is that! Happy Mothers day.

Georgina llingworth said...

Just came across the blog, and just had to say WOW!!! These cakes blew my mind! What a perfect job this would be