Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Mr HC turns 5!

Every year I say that I'm going to block out time to make my children's birthday cakes. Every year I make their cake, but it's always something I have to squeeze in to an already busy week. I swear that the next year I'll take less bookings, but it doesn't seem to happen. This year was no different. A couple of weeks ago Will chose his cake, this year straight out of a book. I had every intention of something else, but I suppose what the child wants the child gets!! His party was planned for the weekend, however the poor thing was sick so we had to cancel it. By cancelling the party I just presumed that the cake was cancelled as well! Not quite so. I was informed by Will that he still wanted a cake. Even though I'd baked the cake, that was all I'd done. So yesterday I madly whipped his cake up. Took me a couple of hours, so please don't look too closely ;-)

This morning when Will saw the cake I got a reaction like I've never received before from anyone. It started with a little bit of "I HATE IT" followed by "THAT'S NOT LIKE THE PICTURE IN THE BOOK, I HATE IT, THAT'S NOT WHAT I WANTED". Imagine this with a whole heap of crying & screaming thrown in just for balance. I was mortified, hurt, angry and well every other emotion you could think of. I think I was counting my lucky stars that he wasn't a paying customer!It's funny though when Will picked the cake out he specifically said to me, "Mama make sure the boy looks like the picture, he has to look the same. I will be upset if he's not, but I'll still eat the cake". I kid you not. At this point alarm bells should of rung, as Will is a very literal child, but no, I just thought he was being cute. How wrong was I!! And what did I do? Well instead of blue pants on the boy I made them orange! Orange is Will's favourite colour, I thought it would be nice. Oh and I didn't have any green gel so I didn't do the goo and bubbles around the swamp monster.

Anyway I'm rambling now, so I'll finish up. With a whole lot of I'm sorry's and I really do like the cake Mama's he went to school. By the time school pick up came round everyone in his class had heard about the swamp monster cake and how much he loved it and how much he loved me. Awwwww this kids got me and all was forgotten!!

So happy birthday Wilby. Love you lots. Mama. xo

Happy Caking.

Full credit for the design of this cake goes to the fabulous Debbie Brown. This cake is from her fabulous book Gorgeous and Gruesome.Little Mr HC with his cake!Who would of thought you could have so much fun with fondant swamp monster eyes!He didn't even eat any cake! I kid you not. All he did was dismember it and pull off all the fondant decorations ;-)


Magnolia Perez said...

What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!

Neetz said...

wow what a cool cake.... :) And a cutie kid too! ;)

The Path Traveled said...

What a cute cake. I love the eyes and what he did with them...such a cutie!

Natalie Ryker said...

the cake is funny (: puts a smile on my face

Happy Cakes said...

Thank you so much for stopping by, love reading your comments.
@ Magnolia Perez, I'm trying to move the blog in a different direction so thank you for making me feel like I've achieved that hehehe. Want to try and make it more personal and more behind the scenes as such and not just here's a cake picture! Happy Caking.