Sunday, April 10, 2011

Introducing Ella!

Ok, this cake would have to go down as one of my most favourite cakes. I just adored this cake. I made this for Ella who celebrated her birthday with a sleepover! Mum Renai always gives me creative freedom when she orders her cakes, which I am grateful for hehehe. Here's just a few pictures I wanted to share with you all from her birthday that Mum sent to me.The Ingredients!
Venue - Old home in Home Hill
Food - Pizza, popcorn, lollies, chips, party pies, cake!!
Outfit - Pettiskirt Princess
Photographer - Mum, Renai!
Decorations and Invites - Online from It's All About Kids


Natalie Ryker said...

that is such a cute cake!

Bianca said...

So beautiful!!! Very nice cake