Thursday, March 31, 2011



Would you like to come to the Easter Eggstravaganza Bootcamp on the 16th of April on me?? If you answered yes, then keep reading! This is a half day workshop valued at $250 where you learn the tricks of the trade using fondant. I'll teach you how to make 2d & 3d fondant decorations with ease. For more information click here.

The only catch is we need to reach 10,000 likers on the Happy Cakes facebook fanpage by 5pm EST on the 15th of April 2011. I know it's a big ask, I'm just hoping with your help we can reach this in time. So start liking and sharing the page with everyone you know. My goal is to share the Happy Cakes lurve with as many people as possible, near & far!

To ensure that you get a chance at winning this prize, be sure to recommend the Happy Cakes facebook fanpage to everyone you know. By leaving a comment here is not your only job cause unless we reach 10,000 likers, no one will win the prize.

Terms & Conditions.
  1. Leave a comment here on this post telling me why you would like to join me at the Easter Eggstravaganza Bootcamp. If your leaving your comment as anonymous make sure you leave a return e-mail address in case you win ;-)
  2. Are you a fan of Happy Cakes fanpage? If not, you can become one here. You need to be a member to be eligible.
  3. Competition closes 5pm EST on the 15th of April 2011. Any entries received after this time will not be considered.
  4. No component of the prize can be transferred or redeemed for cash.
  5. Course is non transferrable to any other Happy Cakes courses.
  6. Prize will only be given away if 10,000 likers are reached at the time this competition closes.
  7. Open to Australian residents only. Winner will be chosen using
Happy caking.


Anonymous said...

I love making special cakes for my boys that meet their allergy needs which you can't buy from a store but I always have trouble with the icing so would love to learn how to do it properly!
Kelly Dicketts

Michelle Tamblyn said...

Oh Leoni, this would be the ultimate prize!! I have been to your Frosting Secrets and Christmas courses, but unfortunately couldn't afford to come to this one! My kids love the cakes/cupcakes I can now decorate, and seriously, winning a place in this course would be (almost) as good as winning the lotto!!!

Anonymous said...

Leoni, I'd love to join you for your Easter course as I will have my first child by then and would love to be able to make it something special! I've never been brave enough to play with fondant - I'd love to learn from such an expert!
Erin -

Anonymous said...

I need something to cheer me up, and I think a course with happy cakes is just the ticket! I am currently planning my weddingg for June, and my father is too ill to travel to the wedding, so I am down in the dumps. And the thing that usually cheers me up is my time in the kitchen. But my kitchen is really small! HELP!!! -

Anonymous said...

Too many reasons on why this is a fantastic prise, which would come at the perfect time. I just love seeing your new creations everyweek and would love to learn a few tricks from you. Especially in this climate. Hope to see you in easter. Crossing fingers and making a wish to the random fairy.

Rita said...

I would love to come along to your Easter Bootcamp, as I would love to improve my cake decorating skills! (and perhaps eat all the cupcakes that I decorate... :D)

Jade Gillam said...

Happy Cakes you are so sweet like your cakes. Hope I get a chance to attend your creative class. Thanks for the opportunity ;)

Anonymous said...

Your creations amaze,
leave us in a daze.
To take an inside peek,
Learn the correct skills and technique.
Decorate amazing cakes for my kiddies, two.
Would be more than a dream come true.

Shona said...

Leoni this is the ultimate! I can't say i've been to one of your courses but i'm obsessed with your blog and facebook...all of you sites really hehe! If i win (i live in Sydney), i will buy the plane ticket!

Renai Williams said...

Oh Leoni, I have been wanting to attend a frosting secrets course for so long but it has never come to a devoted Happy Cakes customer, I would dearly love to learn some of your amazing techniques so that I can spoil my loved ones with some tasty, creative treats too! I want to learn from the master!!

Anonymous said...

Would just love to win to not only learn from the master but get to talk more about cakes! Paula :D slightly, possibly obsessed fan :D

Heather said...

My mum has been talking about cake decorating classes for 6 years, and has never gotten around to taking one! She would love this course. She has been baking all her life and has never learned how to decorate. I tried to teach her how to use a piping bag once, it didn't turn out so well! I would give this prize to her.

Anonymous said...

I have a little boy who loves helping me make cakes and I would absolutely love to have the opportunity to do a happy cake course. I am always envious everytime I see an upcoming course because I always want to attend but can never afford it with the cost of living continuing to go up. For once I would love to be one of the people going to your classes. To do something for me that I can enjoy and continue to enjoy and develop.

Anonymous said...

I would love to win this for my fiancee, she works really hard and looks after our little boy. I work out of town so this would give her some "me" time that she would absolutely love and enjoy doing.