Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm back....

I've kind of been missing in action lately. Sorry everyone. Firstly my mum was taken ill and it gave us quite a scare and shock. She plays a huge part in my life so it was quite upsetting. Big thank you to all who sent through your kind messages mwah. I should mention that all orders were filled during this time, however, I'm still trying to catch up on voice messages and e-mails, so thank you all for being so patient. The other reason I've been away is I went to Sydney. Only cause my mother, god love her, insisted! You have to understand she's greek (if you're greek you'll understand!!) and even though I'm an adult I still do what mama says hehehehe!! The reason for my trip was, I'd booked a course mths ago, my very first eek, with Debbie Brown. She's an amazing teacher and a very lovely person. I had an absolute ball for the 3 days I was with her. Here's one of the cakes I made while I was with her, I'll post the others shortly.signature 2

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