Sunday, July 4, 2010

Frosting Secrets Course

Is super super excited about my first Frosting Secrets course happening tomorrow night!! I hope alld the gals & guy (yes there is a guy coming!!) coming are prepared to get a little frosted ;-)

If you're interested in attending any of these courses you can find all the info on the Course Info Tab of my fanpage!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!!
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Free Pretty Things For You said...

i cant begin to tell you how much i Love your work!!

There has always been a little baker in me waiting to come out!! lol
I am moving to NC soon and starting a little baking business is my dream!
thank you for finding me and giving me such amazing inspiration :)

Happy Cakes said...

Oh Keren, you are too kind!! Thank you so much for your sweet words. Can I say though right back at ya, seriously I am totally lovin all of your art. It's gorgeous, and ever so pretty. You actually have inspired me this week.....I saw your little vintage cupcakes and well I just thought I gotta make me some of those!! I'll post pics over the weekend. I can't wait to see your little products of yumminess, which I'm sure they will be, I'm also sure they'll be the cutest things in town! Good luck. Stay in touch.

TheTweedz said...

love the blog!
thought you might be interested.
check us out! =]