Sunday, February 1, 2009

She ruined her sister's cupcakes.....

A little while ago I created some cakes for Renee. Actually I made some cakes for Renee's sister, but you could have been mistaken for thinking they were for her. I've previously mentioned that she is my most fussy, decisive, funny, lovely, gorgeous customer, who I now just adore. This now brings me to Kylie. Kylie phoned me a couple of weeks and ago and basically said she could outdo Renee. Game on I thought!! When we first spoke, she told me that all she has ever wanted was cupcakes for her birthday. No pressure I thought. Like Renee, she was very specific about what she wanted. Pretty, girly, cute, short black hair, "poo" swirl, pink, white, maltese shitzu, grey ears, black eyes, and so on. I think the thing that scared me the most was during one of our conversations, she said to me that, now I can't remember her age at the time (quite young though), it was her sister's birthday and she had a caterpiller for a cake, it was one that was made out of cupcakes. She went on to say that she got jealous of her sister having had cupcakes and not her, so she squashed them all!! By now I'm thinking I have a princess on my hands!! But just like Renee, she was nice, funny, gorgous and lovely. Another customer who I think I totally adore!
I received this e-mail from her this afternoon, I hope you don't mind me posting it Kylie??!! It's just nice to hear lovely things said about my little happy cakes. I'm just so happy that they were loved.

Hi Leoni or should i say Queen of cupcakes ;)

I just wanted to thank you for my DREAM birthday cupcake cake. It made my day it was better then i could have hoped for in short i loved it AND SO DID EVERY ONE AT MONSOONS PEOPLE THAT WERE NOT EVEN AT MY PARTY WERE SAYING HOW LOVELY IT WAS i did not have enough of your cards.

Thanks again
Kylie Jackson

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