Monday, December 8, 2008

Just for you Renee....

Where to begin... Renee contacted me a couple of months ago to create some happy cakes for her sister who was turning 21. She was passionate and very enthusiastic about them, which I do love. She also knew exactly want she wanted, like it had to be a 5 pointed star and not a six! She would always apologise to me, saying that she was sorry for being such a pain. Like I said to her, "at least your nice", which is so true. It was funny, the day of the party when I dropped the cakes over, Renee was so excited, she loved the cakes. She told me that they were too nice to eat and that she didn't want anyone to eat them. So to Renee, my most fussy, decisive, funny, lovely gorgeous customer who now I just adore!!

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