Saturday, July 13, 2013

Just a few...

cakes I've whipped up recently!! Hi everyone, thought I'd share some pics of recent cakes I've made. It's been a hectic month or more not just with cakes either. I've been sick, kids have been sick, we've had family visit from both sides of the family which has just been so nice. We celebrated a first birthday and a 9th birthday and there was cake everywhere :-) I even managed to squeeze in a 2 day break away, with the kids of course. School holidays are over and I'm trying to recoup from the aftermath of it all. My house is a complete disaster. Kids rooms are out of control and the dust bunnies have built up on my fans hehehehehe. The joys of domesticated bliss. Anyway I'll leave you all on this sunny Saturday morning as I head off to meet with some brides to finalise their upcoming cakes.

Happy caking.


Sweet Dream Cakes said...

You have some beautiful cakes, I really like your frog creation it is well done.


Amazing cakes , wish you were around in India ...and the nice stories you build around the cake is something I really admire ...thank you