Saturday, October 8, 2011

Half Way Celebration Cake #2!

So a few weeks ago the JCU Veterinary Students Assoc celebrated their Half Way celebration gala dinner for the Vet students. Last year I was lucky enough to make their cake and when I received the call this year I just couldn't say no! Ryan told me that the theme this year was beach and the only stipulation was there had to be little injured animals like last year. Easy! I pretty much had free reign on this cake and I wanted something different, not your standard "beachy" cakes and I really wanted to create something amazing for them and for me hehehehe. I have been visualising this cake coming together for weeks and initially struggled with it, but by the end of the process I was completely lovin this cake all over. So many hours went into this cake and also a little heart and soul!! I enjoyedevery minute of it. When the guys came to pick the cake up there were so many ooohs and ahhhs, which makes it completely worth it, I even got hugs. Not to mention, Ryan sent me an amazing message that actually brought tears to my eyes! Tragic I know, my payoff has been received and it's all worth it ;-) Thank you so much for allowing me to create this cake, hope you all had an amazing night.
P.S There's so many photos, sorry!

Happy Caking.


Anonymous said...

adorable animals, nice cake

Kaylin said...

This cake is AMAZING!! Nice work!