Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stephanie & Mick's Wedding Cake.

So I got to do my first 4 tier the other week! I've always wanted to do one. It was massive weighing in at a whopping 17.8kg & was just over 16" heigh!! Each tier is made up of a layer of fruit cake & a layer of chocolate cake, at the Brides request ;-) I can't take credit for the baking or ganaching process my big old sis did that part, she completely rocks the ganache process, makes me sick!! I did get the fun part of covering, stacking, & making it look pretty hehehe. Congratulations to Stephanie & Mick, hope you both had a lovely day yesterday. P.S Hands up who thinks my sis should come over to the cake side full time!! ME ME ME ME ME.

Happy caking.

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Victoria Garrick said...

I have been baking cakes, just for fun, on the side for friends/family birthdays and I always struggle with getting my fondant to look smooth and not rip apart. Your cakes are always so beautiful and I was wondering what kind of fondant you use? I have tried marshmellow, buttercream, and some really gross cornstarch version and i'm just not sure what I am doing wrong. Can you give me any advice?