Sunday, June 19, 2011

My First Topsy Turvey Cake.

Ok, well we all know I love a challenge, but I was seriously starting to doubt my ability with this cake. My stress & anxiety levels have been peaking and them some over the last few weeks with this cake. Bride, Nicole came to me with a picture of a Planet Cake cake and basically asked me to replicate it. Which is not possible, for obvious reasons. Everyone has their own style, and no matter how you try to replicate something it will never be exact. This was no ordinary cake, rather a topsy turvey cake. Don't get this confused with a madhatter, two different styles. A topsy turvey cake is different in the sense that the individual tiers are elevated on an angle, quite a technical cake. I learnt soooo much from doing this cake. I'm thrilled with the end result. I'm proud of this achievement and I'm proud of this cake. I hope I've done the Planet Cake version proud. Not bad for a self taught cake decorator I think!!

Happy Caking.


Rita said...

Very elegant!

Sweet Ever Afters said...

I love your topsy turvy. Very elegant and strinking.