Sunday, May 22, 2011

Introducing Madison!

Morning All!

A little while ago I made my very first Harry Potter cakes for a young girl turning 16. Mum Lynda went to an amazing job of creating the perfect party. When I delivered the cake I was amazed at what she had done, a potions cabinet with all the potions, the dining hall, the entrance and so on. Lynda said, "I love preparing for parties, decorating, making games, and coming up with lots of ways to carry the theme through. Our house was quite easy to transform in to a castle type looking building, and the dining hall was just fantastic. It was truly a magical night, filled with lots of sugar, Harry Potter rituals, talking hats, floating candles, potions, treasure hunts, spells, and much competition between the Hogwart houses fighting to win the Triwizard cup." I was thrilled to see photos from the night, I wished I'd been invited ;-)

Happy caking.
xoThe Ingredients!
Mum Lynda ;-)