Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Lego Wedding Cake!

So a little while ago Kerri sent me an e-mail along with a picture asking me if I could make her a lego wedding cake! Odd request I know! After many e-mails/calls I finally got the chance to meet Kerri (who was so lovely) this week as she lives in Mt Isa and I just had to ask, why lego? Kerri said both her and her fiance Andrew were/are lego nuts and their 7 yr old boy is also a lego nut, so they wanted to incorporate this into their special day. I was never a lego kid, however I am lucky enough that my kids have discovered it so there was plenty here at home for me to study!! I hope you had a great day Kerri, congratulations to you and Andrew.

Happy Caking.

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Magnolia said...

This is so yummy. Thank you very much for sharing!