Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To do or not to do?

That is the question! For some time now I've often just said yes to cakes, not really knowing how I'd create/construct them. I've always gotten by with the idea that fear and knowing that I've committed to someone will see me through. Which so far has worked! There have been many heart failures, tears and not to mention sleepless nights worrying about the how to and whether I'll be able to do it. Touch wood, I've been lucky! There are things I'd change with cakes if I had the opportunity to recreate them, but overall if I'm being realistic and not too critical on myself (which I always am) that I'm happy with my cakes. I've also learnt how not to do things as well!! Does anyone else have this problem? Well now I am about to commit to the cake of all cakes and already the sleepless nights and worry have begun. It's not for another 5 or so mths!! Not sure I can handle that many sleepless nights. I'm sort of wondering what the heck I've done. Will fear get me through this? Oh gees I hope so. It's a cake way out of my depths and comfort zone. Which I don't mind, I don't like staying in my comfort zone, which is odd cause it goes against everything that I am! I just don't want to be one of those cakers that says no to a cake because it's something I've not done because where's the fun in that. I also figure there's no room for growth if I don't take those leaps. I just wonder if this leap is a little too big. Have I bitten off more than I can chew..........

Happy caking.


RhiDiscover said...

Thats me with every cake I get. As I am new(ish) to the cake decorating scene and I only do it as a hobby, every time someone asks me to do a cake its something new and exciting Then there comes the sleepless nights and hours of research and preparation. I sometimes ask myself why? But then every time I finish and see the look on my friends/family faces it is worth every bit :-)

Janet said...

Wow, I am so surprised to hear that from you. With all the beautiful cakes you create I always thought there was no sweat off of your brow! I myself feel that same way! All the time. I thought it was just me but it's so good to hear that the same feelings are shared by a great cake decorator, you!
Well big hug and drink Chamomile tea at bedtime. Helps me sleep better :-)

Happy Cakes said...

Rhi you're right the payoff for all the hard work, long hours, tears and sweat is certainly seeing the reaction from the customers. I have to admit it's the part I love best ;-)
Janet you're too kind to think I don't have stress attacks like everyone else. I reckon I'd be the biggest stresser out of everyone hehehehe. Thank you for your lovely comments too, it means a lot. Chamomile tea, I 'll have to remember that.
Happy caking.