Monday, January 24, 2011

End of an era...

Ok, I know this isn't cakey related, but today my little man went off to prep! Which means all my babies (and they're quick to remind me that they're big kids) are at school and I'm all alone :-( Wow I'm still tearing up at the thought. All by myself now. No little peoples wanting things, needing things, more importantly no little peoples to make me laugh or give me random cuddles. If you ask my hubby what will I do, his answer is "bake more cakes", he thinks he's funny hehehe. I know I'll be fine, but today I sit here a little sad as my babies are off on their new adventure!

Happy caking.


Janet said...

Awwww I feel your pain so well :-(
Even though my little guy is only 16months I tell myself I am only borrowing him until he's old enough to be out on his own. You can laugh at me, it's okay but I completely understand you and I'd be so sad too. Big hug to you! Time to get a pet or two? Hee hee

Happy Cakes said...

Oh Janet that's not silly at all!! Enjoy the time you have with your little one, cause it's a little lonely when they're at school :-( I know it's just a matter of adjusting, but I do look forward to picking them up!
Happy caking.

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