Monday, August 2, 2010

Beer Anyone??

Ok, this has certainly been a week for a wide range of cakes and this one is no exception. Juanita ordered this for her daughter Renee who is turned 20 today. Juanita requested a life size version of a XXXX Gold beer bottle for the top of the cake, oh and I had to use a pastel pink colour for the cake. This was a last minute order, but I think I pulled it off. I had a back up cake design that I'd already ran by Juanita, but thankfully the cake gods were very kind to me this week :-)
P.S Yes the beer bottle is 100% edible and hand made by moi!!
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silvanausa said...

omg the bottle locks real

faithy, the baker said...

soo cool! Everything is so neat and the bottle rocks!! awesome awesome work!

goot965 said...

Wow that is cool! Did you use fondant?