Saturday, February 6, 2010

Party Animals!!

Well, here's some little animals I made for Imogen who turned 5. She had an animal themed birthday party and she was very specific about what animals to make!! She rattled off all these animals that I could and couldn't make. I love a girl who knows what she wants!! I think my favourite was that there could be snakes, ...but they had to be lady snakes!! Now I warn you there's lots of photos, I couldn't pick, there was too many. I was quite sad to say bye to these little animals. We had a bond, a connection and shared something special and now they're gone, sniff sniff!!!


Kim said...

OMG! These totally brought a smile to my face! love your blog!


One Two Three....Fold said...

Hi. I am new to 'blog' and I think yours in wonderful. Have been trying to find blogs I love and introduce my blog to others... I have started
emptying my boxes, tin suitcase and plastic tupperware containersfilled with the beginnings of my paper fixation.

I hope you enjoy the cupcake toppers.