Thursday, January 14, 2010

Engagement Cake!

Not sure if you know but there is another half to Happy Cakes, my sister Maria!! She's quite shy and doesn't know how to use a computer, hehehe. I can say that cause she probably won't even read this!! Anyway she's the person behind BIG cakes. We compliment each other, she hates making little cakes and all the "fiddly" decorations, so that's my job. I'm a big caker in training!! Anyway here's one she made recently for an engagement party. While it only looks like a 2 tiered cake it's actually 4 tiers highs. Basically it's 4 cakes stuck together. Stuck is a technical word in the cake industry!! I love this design.


Alejandro said...

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lyndsay said...

nice work on the covered cake board... ! great cake, so cute!