Sunday, December 6, 2009

Patchwork Quilt Cake

I made this cake for Kirsty who owns Pompom Rouge here in Townsville. Kirsty asked if I could make her a quilt cake for her grand opening. I have this tendency in saying yes to some cakes without thinking about the how I'm going to do it bit. I have to say though fear and the fact that I've said yes to someone is generally a good motivation for me to get the job done!! The only boundaries I had was colour and lots of it. I can see why too, Kirsty's shop is amazing, SO much colour. I'm no quilter, but after walking through her shop I wanted to take it up!! Gorgeous. The blanket bit alone of the cake and nothing else took me 5 hrs!! It was a labour of love. Kirsty's reaction when she saw the cake though, made it worthwhile. That's the bit about making cakes I love!!


Anonymous said...

This cake is so cute ! You have a grate talent . I wish I could make such cute cakes . Then I wouldn't spend so much money on a cake for my little girls birthday . anyway ...LOVE THIS CAKE

Anonymous said...

Just as I would never cut up a quilt, I could never cut into this cake! It is AMAZING!!!!!