Monday, June 8, 2009

My fairy turns 5....

Well, my not so baby girl turned 5 today and we celebrated her party in style yesterday. I say this all the time, but really where have the 5 years gone..... She says to Dad "Mum doesn't want me to grow up any more, it makes her sad because I won't be her baby anymore". And the fact is, it does make me feel old!! Anyway, Paige's theme was fairies. She's been slightly obsessed with them for quite some time now, so it was an obvious choice. After much debate over the type of cake she wanted she chose this. I was slightly nervous at her choice, as I've never done anything like this, however, she loved it. I had been telling her all week that I had bought her a cake, much to her disappointment to throw her off the track!! Cruel I know, but you gotta get your kicks where you can!! Happy birthday to my not so baby girl, Paigey Bear. xo.Fairy Courtney and Fairy Dallas flew all the way from Fairyland to spend the afternoon with my Paigey Bear and her friends. Thank you fairies, we miss you already!!

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