Monday, March 16, 2009

Bella Bug's 3rd Birthday Party

Making cakes is hard, but when you have to make it for friends they're even harder. For me anyway, the pressure is on to perform!! Aunty Kath asked me to make some cakes for Bella, who had a bug party down at Queen's gardens. Bella is divine. Aunty Kath reckons she's a handful, I don't see it. She's the youngest of 3 and the only girl, need I say anymore. Happy Birthday Bella, wish I'd been there to celebrate with you. Oh yeah Kath, Willy is still talking about Bella's party and wants to go back to it!! xo.Thanks Naomi for letting me borrow your design.


Kath said...

Bella is the luckiest girl alive - not just because of the cakes, but because she has so many 'defacto' Aunties who lavish attention. Thanks Leoni (Noni) for making the best cupcakes ever!!

lyndsay said...

awww! cute!