Monday, January 19, 2009

Your very own Happy Cakes, FREE!

So I was thinking, I'll be doing some baking around Valentine's Day and I thought wouldn't it be nice to share the love. Which got me thinking.....
I want to share some happy cake lovin!! Which means, that you, yes you, could win 1 dozen cupcakes for Valentine's day. The rules are simple. Boring, but simple:
  1. Leave a comment for your favourite Valentine's cupcake style, Romantic, Sweet or Cute, and tell me why, cause this is what you'll win. (See previous post for pictures)
  2. Only those living within the Townsville area are eligible to win (sorry couldn't guarantee they'd arrive intact elsewhere!).
  3. Make sure you leave a link back to your blog profile, website or e-mail address.
  4. Entries close 12pm Saturday 7th February.
  5. The winner* will be announced Sunday 8th February.
* The winner will be chosen at random, using

Good luck!


Precious Pink Pumps said...

love love love the "cute" ones. Always adored those little candy messages of love!

megs83 said...

I Love your "Cute V'day cupcakes
this is why i love them so much
1: they are very - very cute
2: they are so colourful
and finally
3: I LOVE and have had since I was a kid those litle love heart lollies!

Kath said...

Definitely the 'romantic' ones because:

Roses and red,
Violets are blue,
give me the free stuff.
and I'll love you!

Anonymous said...

Definitely 'sweet'.

Because my boyfriend & I sign all our messages and notes with an 'xo' so seeing it written in happy cakes just makes it even better.


Cath72 said...

Love the Sweet Cupcakes!!!

Leoni, they are absolutely gorgeous. You are so clever.

1. They are so bright & vibrant.
2. They are obviously made with love which makes sweet & nummy.
3. They brighten any day.


Anonymous said...

Hello my name is danni (sweetpea),
I would love to suprise my partner jason (pookie) with your beautiful cakes.
I love that your cakes are home made and you strive to bring a smile to anyone who recieves them.

My cup cake design would be 1 doz differnt cup cakes symbolising all the reasons i love him..

1st love
2nd makes me laugh
3rd country boy
4th the way we fit together
5th that you mame me happy
6th i love how you love me
7th i love that your spontaneity
8th i love that u except me as me
Homestly.... i would be just as happy with any of your delicious cakes. Love my motto from now on.

If you can not bake, tell that someone you love with a happy cakes cupcake! lol Danni

Reggie85 said...

Romantic cupcakes are the winner, if I must say!!
Giving the cupcakes to my Valentine would make his day!

P.S All your cupcakes are very beautiful you do such a great will be our first choice for our next family birthday or celebration!!