Sunday, January 11, 2009

Say I Love You with Flours!

Well Valentines Day is not too far away, 14th February, and I am now taking orders. This year, I have 3 designs for you to chose from to say I Love You. I have romantic, sweet and just plain cute on offer. Now ladies, cause I'm presuming most of my readers are ladies, you so need to flick this link to your husbands, boyfriends, partners, and ask that they give you a little something different this year!! For the same price as a bunch of non edible flowers you can have 1 dozen of these little happy cakes delivered to your door on Valentines Day. So start the hinting.......


megs83 said...
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megs83 said...

I Love your "Cute V'day cupcakes
this is why i love them so much
1: they are very very cute
2: they are so colourful
and finally
#: I LOVE and have had since I was a kid those litle love heart lollies!

Happy Cakes said...

Hi Megs83, Just wondering if you could you please include this entry in the post titled Your Very Own Happy Cakes, Free! Thank you.