Friday, November 7, 2008

Here comes the bride...

Congratulations to Rikki and Zane who were married today. I was lucky enough to be asked to make their special little happy cakes. I will admit when Rikki asked me to make her wedding cupcakes only a few weeks ago, fear set in! My first ever wedding. No pressure at all! My husband did say to me what's the difference between these cupcakes and those for someones birthday? Well as I was told today by a fellow female who totally "gets it", birthday's come every year, weddings only once. Only women understand each other!I think today was the hottest day ever, it was foul. The cutting cake had to be removed from the top tier and refrigerated as my hand made chocolate panels were slowly starting to droop! Luckily I had a few spare cupcakes to put in it's place. I then had the issue of flies, hence the mosquito net! It actually looked really nice, made it more of a feature.
As I was unloading my boxes from the car I met Colleen, florist and owner of Ciao Bella. We helped each other with our loads and she shared a few tips and secrets for future weddings! Thanks Colleen. She created these divine larger than life martini glasses which were filled with roses. Absolutely stunning.
All in all I'm quite proud of my first wedding, I think it turned out just right!

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Marianne said...

Gorgeous cupcakes and LOVE the cupcake stand. Where did you purchase it from?