Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to the World Hope!

Congratulations to Sonia and Anthony on the safe arrival of their beautiful little girl Hope. Whom may I say is very cute, obviously gets all her beauty from Mum! Because baby gets all the presents I wanted to make these cakes just for Mum. They're a strawberry cupcake with a, you guessed it, strawberry buttercream. May I add there is no fake flavouring, made with real strawberries!P.S Mr Happy Cakes, who is no fan of the strawberry, has rated these as his second favourite cupcake ever!

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Sonia said...

What a wonderful way to welcome a new arrival! Thank you for the cupcakes you created to welcome our daughter, Hope into the world. The real strawberries perfectly blushed the icing and enhanced the beautiful embellishments on these little pink cakes. An absolute hit!